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Inky Bits

Karen Fildes

I'm peddling my inky bits- little nothings and little somethings- they are original sketches that were helpful in my process to study for various applications.  They are little gems- some of them merely concepts- but nevertheless, I am selling everything I can to raise enough money for my project.  Click on these little slug eating guinea hens and poof, you'll be in my inky bits store.  I will be able to ship anything to you by September 1st.  If you would like your image matted and framed, leave me a note and I'll fix you up.  The images that have been posted are snapshots from my phone, so they are not easy to reproduce.  But the originals you will receive are a clean white and they dress up real nice in a juicy mat for gifting.   


My two recent books, The Secret World of Slugs and Snails, and the Eat A Bug Cookbook, were both reviewed quite nicely with my sketches mentioned.  The "Inky Bits" I am posting are being made available as a part of a scheme to raise funds to help me launch my next project.  I can't tell you too much about it but it will require my undivided attention and the funds that it will take to pay my bills while I focus.  

Many of you know that I double as a nanny, which in my world, is a privilege.  Listening and learning from the children is a way to see beyond.  My emphasis has been to help the children of loss find their love for life and in that process, they each are met with the challenge to make their mark.  We go through extensive sessions as they search and discover the writing instrument that will sing for them.  I have made great discoveries about the pen and its play in expression for the healing child.  I'd like to pursue my discoveries in an illustrated 26 essay catalog of "Lessons From the Booger Fairy."