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Feb 21

Winter ink sessions - Give a Gift Certificate to a young naturalist!

Karen Luke Fildes’ Art Salon is for nature lovers who are interested in growing skills with the pen and natural awareness. It is an open, safe studio for art exploration and skill building practices with guided weekly classes and quarterly open studio events. Karen bakes a torte and serves tea, and brings students to a new place of confidence with
the living pen.

It’s a chance to escape into the world of the pen. You can pay for your registration using this donate button. Just contact Karen and let her know you'd like to reserve the space. When you get a confirmation, you'll get an invoice and/or a gift certificate made out to the recipient.


Sep 20

Fall Paint Sessions

Clouds and atmosphere are in the focus for September's palette meditation three session workshop. Join us Sundays starting September 6th from 6:30-9pm. Beginners are asked to meet with me before the first session for a demo and palette prep.

11:00 am11:00

Epiphany Tea

Come for a tea party and cozy art talks and illustration on the gift of epiphany.  Winter is the time to listen for your own inner voice.  Karen will lead you in some exercises that will help you catch your hopes with pen and ink.   This class is free for those on a fixed income.  Otherwise, suggested donation is $20.  Expect drawing, typography, calligraphy and story.  This is not a religious gathering but the spirit of grace is welcome in conversation. Bring song lyrics, poetry, journal entries and visual inspiration- anything that sparks your inner muse.

4:00 pm16:00

Second Sundays Open Studio

Karen will be presenting, "Still Life Communion"- featuring student work as well as a cornucopia of life stories in the form of my own new works. "Communion Talks" will take place at 6 and 8:00: "the Table" and "Poetry of Form."

Eve's Release
5:00 pm17:00

Second Sundays in the Fall

Karen Luke Fildes will be opening her North Seattle studio for a series of drop in gatherings in hopes to include you in a new season of art and vision.  

Liken to Console- the beauty in release as nature flashes its brightest colors just before the death of winter.  This open studio will be a little different then the others and will focus on poetry and music- "Liken to Console", and, "the Gift in Change".  Bring an offering of poetry, song lyrics or even just a few words on your process and help us mark the release of summer.


3:00 pm15:00

Art and Nature In Your Home or School

From the "Secret World of Slugs and Snails" by David George Gordon.

From the "Secret World of Slugs and Snails" by David George Gordon.

Karen's studio will be open on Sunday, October 5th for anyone interested in learning more about the workshops and in your home art clubs I will be leading.  The History of the Pen is the focus of Karen's "Art and Nature- Inky" classes.  Bring someone who is a budding young naturalist and start your own art club.  Karen welcomes artists of all ages if the interest is honest.  Beginners are also welcome- these classes are good for portfolio development and can include art beyond nature into fantasy and science fiction.  Drawing skills will be the focus ie students interested in comic and Manga will practice the human figure, the bone and muscular functions as well as perspective and form.  Please contact Karen to inquire about the possibilities.  The host student will receive a %50 off discount on tuition with five students the the class. 

inky flight

Nature is the inspiration for these "in your home" classes.   Develop your awareness of the natural world as you explore illustration techniques and the process of working on a field guide of images or a poster containing several. Areas of possible interest: Botany, Animal Biology, Human Anatomy, Weather, Space, Microbiology, Geology, etc... Students will be exposed to the history of the drawing tool while using their contemporary skills to render images with the instrument of their choice. Color will be added as images evolve. Fantastical projects that are inspired by science are welcome. Advanced drawing skills are not necessary; just your interest in developing a new awareness of the natural world.  Comic artists can use this class to begin a well thought out portfolio.