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For Children

It is my mission to help children find and nurture their gifts.

First Fine Arts Camp Targeting Homeless Youth

Karen Fildes

It was beyond my dreams. 57 children attended Plymouth Fine Music and Arts Camp. I was able to achieve my goal of providing professional grade art supplies and musical instruments for transient youth which proved to bring surprising results. 27 volunteers and skilled teachers were able to witness the honest expressions of life brought forth using the creative tools provided.

It caused me to solidify my quest to develop the Mobile Art Salon in my dreams to bring art opportunities to shelters and community centers where students are at a disadvantage. Grief from serious change leads to anger, depression, and other manifestations including OCD, Tourettes and even rage. I have been able to treat children with grief through the years and have found truth that lost hopes need a place to go - a voice to bring them through the veil. Here are some of the creations by students of this most wondrous gathering.

If you would like to be a part of this project, you can help me with a donation using the little button below these photos. $50 purchases one complete inking kit, my goal that 10 kits are available at five locations including Mary's Place newest campus in North Seattle. These kits will be able to be checked out by any of the children (adults too!) needing access to fine art supplies. I will visit these shelters monthly to teach classes with the specific goal of bringing self care skills using art.