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For Children

It is my mission to help children find and nurture their gifts.

It has begun...

Karen Fildes

The Field Guide to the World is happening. Our next step is to refine our new website with a spectacular new gallery of animals of one of our endangered rivers, the Puyallup. I am gladdened by the help of friends and supporters. The new works were created by the third grade students of Chief Leschi School who will be serving as Field Guide ambassadors. 

We will be looking to expand the project to account the animals of the endangered rivers of Washington State. We will be creating a template for teachers and librarians with a printable workbook that includes science illustration tutorials and science writing guidance.

We will be adding items for sale to help benefit the Field Guide to the World program making it possible to students in financially disadvantaged areas. We would also like to purchase a bank of supplies for the children who want to pursue science illustration but have no access to even a good pen. (Thank you Arts and Crafts Supply of Seattle for providing field guide sketchbooks for the students of Chief Leschi School.

Please help us if you can by send us your good wishes and hopeful thoughts. Also, if you can donate, we have created our new LLC with a bank account that wants to be filled so we can pursue a more thorough guide of the Puyallup River.


The Field Guide Project, Chief Leschi School, Third Grade Ambassadors!

Karen Fildes

100 children are waiting for sponsors at $50 a pop. Chief Leschi Tribal School is in need of supplies and scholarships to make this happen. Sponsors of the first Field Guide to the World Ambassadors will be laying the foundation for the Puyallup River Watershed tribal exchange.

It's happening this month - it's an introduction to science writing and science illustration with 100 First Nations students paving the way for the project to help us to see nature in a new way. It's a dream of heritage to bring the reality of loss and possibility of renewal for the sake of positive change.  Area of focus: the animals of the Puyallup River Watershed and it starts May 2, 2016!

 Led by David George Gordon and Karen Luke Fildes

Chief Leschi would like to start with a 3 day program for the third grade classes, 100 students, to take place in May, 2016. Chief Leschi’s third grades have been spending the year studying and comparing two watersheds – the Nisqually and the Puyallup. Our project will help them identify and log the living things in their watershed starting with 30 animals this year. The completion of this year’s sessions will result in a Field Guide to the Puyallup Watershed created by the students including a gallery event featuring their art and science writing, a celebration of their natural world. The school does not have art supplies and lacks the funding to do the project. We would like to make this possible for them and in turn, we would like to witness the creative and scientific and interpretive findings that will come from their work.